Private consultation

Face-to-face conversation in quiet and pleasant surroundings where the conversation can flow freely on the issue, the conventional psychological consultation
e-consultation and phone consultation

Make it easy and hassle-free e-consultation or phone consultation. You send an email or call and arrange a time. Then write or tell what your problems dealing with and I respond via email or phone within a short duration, depending on the agreement. Thus, you do not show up, but can still get help to solve your problems.


e-consultation and phone consultation is a newer form of advice, which arose from long distances as such. USA, Australia, Norway mm. It can be difficult to make time for reporting to the psychologist or the distance may prevent attendance. But you can still get help and advice, even if it takes place over the phone or by. mail.

By phone and e-consultation takes payment via transfer to the bank or be sending the check before the consultation begins.