• Cand. psych. University of Copenhagen
  • TFT – Thought Field Therapist
  • 3-year systemic family therapist training
  • 2-year-old supervisor training
  • 2-year-old consultant training
  • LEGO Serious Play Facilitator w / Core Team
  • Working Style Analysis v / Professor Barbara M. Prashing
  • Appreciative Inquiry – (create money on the bottom line) Managing and learning positive change w / Bernard J. Mohr
  • Papi I & N personal test (characterizing the behavior and needs in terms of jobs)
  • 16 PF – Personality Test (characterizes personlighedsstrukturens basic building blocks)
  • CPI – test (evaluate the leadership potential and personality structure)
  • Any other problem-solving tasks (assessment of intellectual skills)
  • Various courses, including in mental training, visualization techniques, hypnosis, etc.
Currentand past work experience:
  • Chairman of the Board in Tellus Remarketing
  • Practicing psychologist and business psychologist
  • Mailbox Editor, writer and speaker
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Amanuensis and Assistant Lecturer
  • Consultant at two of the largest search & selectionvirksomheder

I work with several of the latest psychological theories and methods in the therapy and the business just to make sure the client is urgently profit and power. I’m trying continuously to keep up with what’s happening in science, psychology and business community to create the best results.