Thus, for greater faith in yourself, increased strength to dare to make the right choices for you and much more curage.

The better you know yourself and understand yourself, the better you understand others and look more sophisticated in the world!

Individual therapy

Help yourself to the quality of life and the joy of solving emotional problems, or help to develop personal pages by yourself by utilizing their own resources better, including to gain a broader understanding perspective. Duration of consultation: 50 min.

Family Therapy

We work with the whole family incl. children to overcome such difficulties. Duration of consultation: 1 hour.

Couples Therapy

Strengthen your relationship or help you go from one another in an orderly and respectful manner to everyone’s satisfaction. Therapy in relation to saving a relationship only works if both parties wish to continue to fight for the relationship. Duration of consultation: 1 hour.

Supervision and coaching

Work with managers and employees individually and as a group.


Methods include:

  • Thought Field Therapy
  • Conversation and dialogue tools (communication)
  • Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Hypnosis
E-consultation * or phone consultation

Make it easy and hassle-free e-consultation or phone consultation. You send an email or call and arrange a time. Then write or tell what your problems dealing with and I respond via email or phone within a short duration, depending on the agreement. Thus, you do not show up, but can still get help to solve your problems.

* E-consultation and phone consultation is a newer form of advice, which arose from long distances as such. USA, Australia, Scandinavia, etc. It can be difficult to make time for reporting to the psychologist or the distance may prevent attendance. But you can still get help and advice, even if it takes place over the phone or via email. Payment is via transfer to bank or by check prior to the visit starts.